Waste Exchange Date Table

Waste exchange date table

Lanta Recycling Products Innovation Center Open to garbage in the sea of people in the community and organize waste sorting activities.

Invite everyone Ban Hua Laem and Baan Sriracha communities participated in the activity "Separate waste, exchange kindness by bringing recycled waste that has been...

• Sort

• Wash and clean.

• Dried

After counting the number of pieces of recycled waste, they come to exchange for rice. Dry food is as detailed below. .

On Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

From. 01:00-03:00 pm. at Lanta Recycling Products Innovation Center (Garden Area Park) Koh Lanta Yai Sub district Municipality, Ban Sriraya.


Watch and listen to FB Live at the page: U2T, Koh Lanta Yai.


For more information, please contact: U2T Koh Lanta Yai


Please clean up the recyclable waste and count the number of recyclable waste.


The amount of recycled waste redemption and the number of rights may change as appropriate. 


Due to the covid-19 situation that is currently spreading Lanta Recycling Products Innovation Center Request to exchange for recyclable waste first and will call to inform the participants to pick up the rice and dry food according to the rights received. Again, for the safety of the participants in this event, we apologize for any inconvenience this time. 


*Don't forget to bring cloth bags or other recycled bags to put in dry food as well.

Redeem garbage every Wednesday of every week.

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