Bubu Island, Talabeng Island

Bubu Island is a small private island. With an area of about 30 rai, it is a beautiful and peaceful place with a natural setting by the sea. There is a hiking trail inside the island for sightseeing and forest visits. The island is the habitat of many animals like wild fowl, monkeys and birds of different species, especially the gecko which symbolizes the abundance of forests around the island with its rocks and golden beaches. It is a habitat for all kinds of marine life like sea cucumbers, sea urchins, different kinds of shells like oysters, clams and scallops. At high tide you can swim, canoe or kayak. You can admire the landscape around the island.


What makes Bubu Island special is that it is a peaceful island surrounded by lush nature such as beaches and mangrove forests. Bubu Island is ideal for canoeing and bird watching in the mangroves.


Talabeng Island is about 650 meters from the Ban Loh Yai Pier Koh Lanta Noi. It takes about 30 minutes by longtail boat from Old town Pier. The island group is divided into Koh Talabeng Yai. and Koh Talabeng Noi. The two islands are adjacent to each other, so it is easy to visit both islands. The morning activities usually start on Koh Talabeng Yai. There are 2 beautiful beaches on the island: Ao Hua Ko, located to the west, is a sand dune that stretches about 20 meters and offers good swimming. The other island on the opposite side is Koh Talabeng Noi. There is a low water level between these two islands.

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