Tourist Attraction

Koh Haa or Tukon Lima means a heap of five stones which Koh Haa resembles. A group of 5 islands, the large islands are like sails, have lagoons, grasslands and viewpoints on the crest of the island. Today, Koh Haa group is another famous diving spot in Ko Lanta. There are beautiful coral reefs around the island. Whale sharks and manta rays are frequently spotted, making the island popular with both Thai and foreign divers.

Koh Haa is a famous dive site with a coral reef ecosystem, you can dive and snorkel in the shallow waters around the island. There are beautiful coral reefs around the island. Whale sharks can always be seen.
The highlight of Koh Haa is "Koh Ha Yai", which looks like a meadow on the crest of the island. There is an island in the shape of a sail and an island with water under it. When you stand on the crest of the island, you will have a beautiful view. There are very beautiful shallow coral reefs in the area.
Currently, these five islands are becoming a tourist attraction for shallow water snorkeling, which seems to be popular with many people. Both Thais and foreigners, because the island not only has clear water and blue sky. There are also small and big creatures there to provide color. Moreover, the ecosystem is maintained. This place is kept in such a beautiful condition that you can also travel there forever.
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