Bamboo Leaf Tea

Bamboo Organic Leaf Tea.

Origin and meaning of the product.


Bamboo leaf tea is a healthy herbal tea drink. It has a sweet and mild taste that helps both the mind and body to come into balance. Bamboo leaf tea contains soluble fiber and is rich in beneficial antioxidants. It can be drunk hot or cold at any time and is caffeine free. Therefore, it is suitable for people who highly value their health. Bamboo leaf tea is made from the earth house where different species of bamboo are grown. 


Khun Anker and Khun Oil Ruaydee realized that bamboo is useful in almost all parts. Be it stems, shoots, leaves or even the young leaves of bamboo or bamboo shoots, they came up with the idea of using bamboo shoots for a drink, namely tea. Then they studied and tried to make bamboo leaf tea for health. Bamboo leaf tea is rich in biological silica, which has many benefits, including healthy hair and nails. Plays an important role in building strong bone density. It helps build collagen and proteins that help restore skin and joints. Prevents the absorption of aluminum in the digestive tract, which causes Alzheimer's disease and other health conditions.

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How to prepare bamboo leaf tea: Put bamboo leaf tea in a teapot or glass. Pour hot water over it and let it steep for 5 minutes if you want to drink it cold. Wait until the tea cools down and put it in the refrigerator. You can also add bamboo leaf tea powder to the cold brew for a sweeter aroma and taste. If you like it sweeter, you can add more syrup.

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