Happiness-Floating Driftwood

Happy floating driftwood.
Origin and meaning of the product.
Currently, the amount of marine debris is steadily increasing and causing enormous impact on the marine ecosystem. Caused by people accidentally and unintentionally throwing garbage into the sea, both directly and indirectly. These wastes cannot be decomposed in a short period of time. It is blown away from its source by waves, wind, currents and tides. Most litter consists of everyday items such as bags, bottles, food containers, and packaging materials, including wood French fries and logs. Various products to reduce the waste problem on the beach And add value to the waste to souvenir products for tourists and people interested in wood processing.
Sawdust statue It is the use of soft wood processed into sawdust or polished into powder with sandpaper before the beach. Then mixed with latex glue to mix sawdust and wood powder. Water and food coloring in different colors and gradually mold it into the desired shape.
Driftwood. It is the use of wood scraps to carve them into the desired shape. and sanded with sandpaper to keep the work thorough or to paint a piece of wood from a fishing boat. Begin by cutting the wooden planks to the desired size. Use sandpaper to sand the wood plank smooth. Then paint the picture with watercolors as desired.
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