Miracle of Bor Lay

Ao Bo Lay is derived from the word "Ao" which means " beach". The word "Bo" means "pond." The word "Le" means "sea." Putting all the meanings together, it means a pond in the sea. Ao Bor Lay is the name of a place named after topography. This is because it expresses the geographical environment where the beach is located, where the pond in the sea is located. The well will come into being when the water dries up. But the taste of the water is not salty, but tasteless. Due to the influence of the word "Talay" in the local Thai language, the locals in the south call it "Lay", so the villagers of Hua Laem call this area "Ao Bo Lae".

"Bo Lay", a beautiful freshwater pond that rises by the sea, in Bay 3, Ban Hua Laem, at the end of the administrative area of Village No. 1 Koh Lanta Yai Sub-District, Koh Lanta District, Krabi. It looks like a pond with two shallow eyes. It is said that this "Bo Lay" was the ancestor of Nai Hab - Nang Ah Kok Yai or To-Ah (toh means grandmother) who lived in Hua Laem village since then. Originally they helped to dig to fetch water for the household. It is about 1 * 1 meter wide, 1 arm deep and uses hardwood instead of stakes on four corners and is blocked with hard boards on all four sides. It looks like a raised cardboard box. To prevent the sandstone from decaying, cover the fountain. And it is also convenient to take a bath.

Around Bo Lay, a cool stream flows all the time. At high tide, the sea will overflow and close the pond. Wait until the sea recedes so that the water in the well is fresh again. To see the freshwater pond clearly, villagers need to remove wood French fries. The leaves in the well were removed before you could see the tears rising from the basement. Instead of sea water, it flows out as a line. It is clear and drinkable water. The villagers of Hua Laem have been drinking it for more than 100 years since their ancestors drank it, prompting lucky tourists to travel with the tide. You will be able to taste the fresh water in the pond in the middle of the sea and the only one on Koh Lanta.

In the past, the people of Hua Laem and the surrounding villages lived on Koh Lanta. Surrounded by sea water no water supply. They could not find a source of fresh water, except for the rainwater that supplies them during the rainy season. Later, a foreign fisherman came and found that there was a stream and shallow well at this spot. So they tried to drink and found that the water was completely fresh, cool and clean. Until Ban Hua Laem drilled an artesian well and brought a bucket of water to the village of "Bo Lay", a fresh water well in the middle of the sea is just a legend.

If you go into the deep sea about 150 meters from Bor Lay, you will see a coral field. In Ban Hua Laem, there is an area where you can admire the beauty of the corals. without diving in. This is because at low tide, the corals come out, such as staghorn coral, brain coral, crabs, strangely colored shells, and various species of fish. Until the condition resembles a coral field, it is a wonder of nature that is hard to find. In a month you can see it about 2 times, no more than 4 days at a time.

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