Palm Leaf

Sriraya leaves from.
Origin and importance of the product.
Chak is the only palm genus that lives in mangrove forests and has underground stems. It is one of the most ancient plants with fossils up to 70 million years old, found throughout South and Southeast Asia. Both in freshwater and brackish water with saline up to Usually grows into a large grove, known as a forest or a grove. Can grow well in muddy soils in mangrove forests. or around the canal where there are trees for shade mixed with Koh Lanta has many origins. 
Due to the climate and topography that are favorable for growth and has been brought from the source to make the most of. By using the young shoots to make leaves for smoking instead of cigarettes. This is a folk wisdom that has been preserved and utilized in the community for maximum benefit. And can generate income for people in the community as well. The highlight of the product is the use of raw materials that are available in the community for maximum benefit. It is a natural material, no chemicals, safe for users. and has a unique local identity.
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