Rok Island, the last point of the country, which is the westernmost point of Thailand. The beach offers beautiful views. Fine white sand, clear water, coral reefs around the island.

Koh Rok is the last piece of land that forms the westernmost point of Thailand and offers a beautiful beach. Fine white sand, clear waters and coral reefs wrapped around the island. There are many anemones and clown fish and it is the place where most hermit crabs are found in Thailand. 


Koh Rok is located in the waters of Krabi and is connected to the Trang Sea, which has been declared Mu Ko Lanta National Park. It consists of 2 islands, Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok. On the opposite side, there is a sandy beach separated by a shallow sea channel. The distance between the islands is about 250 meters. Most of the coral reefs around the island and in the waterways are coral reefs, with many sea anemones and clown fish. Koh Rok is a paradise for divers and shallow water divers. The coral reefs on the east side of the island are very prolific. There are stag horn corals, brain corals, leaf corals, sea anemones and colorful clown fish. There are also reports of whale sharks being found in Hin Muang, Hin Daeng as reported by the local dive companies ( Lanta Divers & Andaman Divers) In the waters around Koh Rok, the main Koh Rok diving sites are often on the beach off Koh Rok Nok and the water channel on Koh Rok Nai and Rong. The water between Koh Rok as well as the sea in front of the shrine. You can also observe the beauty of the last light of the day at Ao Haad Hin Ngam and experience the sunrise and the first light of the day in front of the tent. 


Koh Rok Nai is the site of the Mu Ko Lanta National Park Protection Unit. It is an island that looks like a steep cliff. On the east side, there are sandy beaches and coral reefs clustered along the cliffs. To the north, there is a pennant flag and a cove with shrines. The sand grains on Koh Rok Nai are fine and white, and there is a nature trail where you can see various plants. If tourists want to stay overnight on Koh Rok. You can pitch a tent on Koh Rok Nai if you go to Mu Ko Lanta National Park. 


Koh Rok Nok is the location of Mu Ko Lanta National Park Protection Unit 1. The beach in front of Koh Rok is a fine white sandy beach that stretches from the head of the island to the end of the island. You can swim here and there is a coral reef to the south of the island that is quite private. There is a hiking trail from Mu Ko Lanta National Park Protection Unit to Ao Talu, behind Koh Rok it looks like a rocky beach in the shape of a horseshoe. If you go down you will find rocks with strange shapes and colors. There is a hiking trail to Pha Samet Daeng viewpoint, a cliff with a big Samet Daeng tree growing on the edge of the cliff, offering a view of Trang Sea and Koh Lanta islands. There is also Man Sai Bay on Koh Rok Nok, where huge banyan trees spread their roots and cover the ground below like a curtain. At low tide, you can reach Man Sai Bay on foot. 


Koh Rok Nok is a mixed forest between mangrove forests. Beach forests and rainforests.

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