Salted fish

Salted fish

Origin and meaning of the product.


Food is one of the most important factors for human life. Food preservation has played a very important role for people. This is because food habits have changed in that most people want convenience and speed and want to preserve food for long-term consumption by Ruby Tulips. This is because the brand owner buys fresh seafood and has anticipated that fresh seafood needs to be processed. In order to preserve food so that it has a long shelf life and does not lose its flavor, eagle fish, squid, squid and shrimp are the seasonal staples of the product. What makes the product special are the fresh ingredients. They are free from chemicals and preservatives and can be stored for a long time.


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Salted King Mackerel.

The sea eagle is a sprat, rather spherical and slender, about 30 - 80 centimeters long. The body is silvery gray and has a very dense flesh. Suitable for dipping in soy sauce. Prepare Indian fish porridge, make triple-seasoned fish, fish steaks or dry them to make salted fish, which is quite expensive.


How to make. First, take fresh King Mackerel fish and wash it thoroughly. Pull out the gills and intestines. To marinate with salt, use a ratio of about 1 kg of halibut to 2 cups of salt by scooping 2-3 tablespoons of salt into the mouth of the fish. Then mix the remaining salt over the fish and let it sit for 1 night. In the morning, hang the fish out in the sun each day until dry. Then cut it into pieces and wrap it in a package for distribution.

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