Sweet Chili Paste

Sweet chili paste.


Origin and meaning of the product.


Kapi is a food culture that has long been associated with Thai cuisine. It is often used as an ingredient or spice in cooking to enhance the flavor of dishes with more heat. It is also commonly eaten as a dip with sour tasting fruits such as mango, tamarind, starfruit, santol, etc.

And because Koh Lanta is an area with rich marine resources and most villagers are involved in fishing. Therefore, the community has made products from krill and is very famous for its high quality and tasty shrimp paste. Ms Sureerat Sainui invented the recipe and added value to the shrimp paste.

By making a sweeter shrimp paste of better quality and taste, it can be sold in the shops of the community and nearby areas. The highlight of the product is the selection of good quality raw materials, without MSG, preservatives and long shelf life.

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