Waste products

Recycled waste products.

Origin and importance of the product.


Every year a large number of tourists visit Koh Lanta. This creates the problem of flooding the island with dozens of tons of new waste per day, both biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Therefore, Khun Nook was inspired to make products from non-biodegradable waste by hand, teaching people in the area. Or interested people to promote vocational training during the COVID -19 epidemic income and buy waste from villagers to make products making this product helps reduce waste and also generate income for people in the community. The special feature of the product is that it is made from waste within the community. Low cost of production helps to reduce the problem of waste overflow on the island. and environmental problems as well as creating a career for the community.


The Nook book was inspired by the problem of paper waste flooding the world. Paper is a biodegradable waste, but human consumption is too fast to get rid of this kind of waste in time. and burning paper causes air pollution.

How to do it. First, take the remaining paper and cut it to the desired size. Glue the stuffing inside the paper and make an envelope, using the materials from the scraps to make it as beautiful as you want. You will receive a unique handmade notebook.

Water hyacinth packaging protector (packaging protector) 

Hyacinth is one of the fastest spreading weeds. When a large amount of water covers the surface, the water is deprived of oxygen and later turns into putrid water. This is because hyacinths are characterized by their strength and durability. So Khun Nook has invented a product that can replace the use of foam beads. to reduce the amount of foam waste. And it is a renewable material that is biodegradable and harmless to the environment.


How to do it. Start by cleaning the water hyacinth plant. Then cut them into small pieces and place them in the sun to dry.

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