Waste Recycling Project

Waste recycling project

Before the waste can be reused, household waste must be sorted. It is convenient for the transporters and can bring some types of waste to sell to increase income and easy to trade as follows:


1. Organic waste, decomposed waste, food waste, twigs, leafs of each type. Put in a container with a lid. Utilization: Animal food scraps, vegetable scraps, fruit or food scraps are used to make aromatic waste into organic compost.


2. Recycle waste Separate the types that can be sold for each type for ease of use or distribution. Use: Collect community activities to use. By applying it as a home appliance such as plastic water bottles to cut to plant trees, etc.


3. Hazardous waste (toxic waste) is separated by removing hazardous waste from other waste. By separating, be careful not to break dangerous waste or chemicals contained in the body.


Uses: Some types of hazardous waste. Only can be recycled, such as straight fluorescent lamps, rechargeable batteries, etc., but at present there is not enough value to be sold.


4. General waste General waste is difficult to decompose. Although not toxic But it's not worth recycling. Should be clearly separated both plastic wrap Food and plastic bags contaminated with food waste uses: General waste is other types of waste. Very decomposed so not worth it. If it is reused for new uses, such as plastic candy wrappers of instant noodles food waste plastic bags.

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